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Are all of your sweets handmade indeed?
Yes! Each of the candies produced by Caramel Manufactory (caramel sweets, lollipops, toffees and marshmallows) are genuinely hand crafted.
Is it possible to order the caramel sculpture the same to our picture from web?
You can order the caramel sculpture or composition according to pictures you’ve chosen. Besides you can tell our candy makers you thoughts on how your candy should look like and they’ll implement them in caramel the best way it could be done.
How long does it take to produce the individually ordered caramel sculpturing?
All the terms of production depend on specification of your order. It takes from 1 to 3 working days usually.
Can we order the sweets with our branding?
Yes! Your logo can be placed both inside the sweets and on the label if needed!
Is there any dependence between the color of sweets and their taste?
No! There is no any correlation between colors and tastes of our sweets, excepting times when our candy-makers decided to make sweets colored according to their tastes logically.
Why don’t you have blue colored sweets in your stores?
As far as the blue colored extract is not absolutely natural, we try not to use it at all. Expectance can be taken for that occasions when the blue color is the main one for the logos of corporative orders.

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